Surgical Avoidance: The Quality Metric That Fee-For-Service Healthcare Ignores

This report delves into the burden to self-insured employers and patients caused by unnecessary surgical care.

Overtreatment is an entrenched and costly part of a fee-for-service health care system that has long incentivized procedures and surgery over more conservative care. To break this cycle, patients and self-insured employers should seek a value-based model that aligns incentives and rewards both surgeries AND less invasive treatments. In this new 2022 report we’ll cover:

  • How bundled payments improve patient outcomes and reduce costly readmissions
  • Why surgical avoidance is a key quality metric when assessing surgical providers
  • How self-insured employers are embracing a value-based approach that empowers doctors, thereby avoiding the cost burden of unnecessary surgical procedures

Download the report today to learn more about how value-based COEs (Centers of Excellence) can help ensure appropriate care while saving money and reducing risk.

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